Independent Color Group Control of RGB LEDs using PCA9956B

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Independent Color Group Control of RGB LEDs using PCA9956B

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I intend to use the  PCA9956B for color control of RGB LEDs. I see that the LEDOUT[5:0] registers can be used to group certain LEDs together by assigning LDRx = 0x11. That allows the GRPPWM register to control the PWM of that selected group of LEDs. However, since there is only 1 GRPPWM register, how can 2 or more different groups be created and independently controlled?

Specifically these groups:

1. Red Group

2. Green Group

3. Blue Group

That way the entire color set can be adjusted independently of each other. e.g. Raise all Red to 80% PWM and lower all Blue to 40% PWM. How can this be achieved using the PCA9956B driver. 


Thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You can see that we have 6 groups from LEDOUT0 to LEDOUT5,in your side you need three groups so you can divide into three groups such as LEDOUT0 to LEDOUT1 as group1 and LEDOUT2 to LEDOUT3 as group2 and LEDOUT4 to LEDOUT5 as group3.


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