I would like to see example code for t1042

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I would like to see example code for t1042

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Dear nxp staff,
hello.My name is Nam-Hoon Hwang, a researcher at Shinbo.
I want to develop using nxp's t1042 chip, where can I find example code?
Let's take a look at the overall function through the example code.
If you know, please attach a link or file.

thank you.

Email Address : skagns125@shinbo.kr

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You could download and refer to QorIQ Linux SDK 2.0, please refer to https://www.nxp.com.cn/docs/en/supporting-information/QORIQ-SDK-2.0-IC-REV0.pdf.

Please download and install ISOs "Source: QorIQ Linux SDK v2.0" and "Cache: QorIQ Linux SDK v2.0 PPCE5500 Yocto" in the same path from https://www.nxp.com/design/software/embedded-software/linux-software-and-development-tools/linux-sdk....

$ source ./fsl-setup-env -m t1042d4rdb

$ bitbake u-boot -c patch -f

Get u-boot source code in build_t1042d4rdb/tmp/work/t1042d4rdb-fsl-linux/u-boot-qoriq/2016.09+fslgit-r0/git/

$ bitbake virtual/kernel -c patch -f

Get Linux Kernel source code in build_t1042d4rdb/tmp/work/t1042d4rdb-fsl-linux/linux-qoriq/4.1-r0/git/.


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