How to configure SJA1105S for L2 Policing

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How to configure SJA1105S for L2 Policing

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I am working on SJA1105S ethernet switch.

 I have following configuration parameter for  port policer which I am not able to map to SJA1105S hardware configuration tables.

1) Port Rate Violation Action: When rate policy criteria defined for this port are met, following action to be taken 

         i) BLOCK_SOURCE: All incoming traffic from the violating Source based on the MAC-Address is blocked.

         ii) DROP_FRAME: The received frame which led to the violation of the rate policy is dropped.

2) Port Rate Policed Priority: this defines the priority which this rate policy shall be limited on.

3) Port Rate Policed Byte Count: this define amount of byte counts (excluding Header information) which can be received in configured Port Rate Policed Time Interval.

4) Port Rate Policed Time Interval: Time interval in seconds where a configured Port Rate Policed Byte Count    can be received without a rate limitation

So does such type of functionality is supported by this ethernet switch? If yes how to configure SJA1105S for this functionality?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The policing conditions you specified do not directly map onto SJA1105S
policer implementation settings. Study Section 5.2.3 of UM11040
to understand how the switch policer is implemented and what parameters
are controllable. Policer only drops non-conforming frames, it cannot
block a port or a source completely.



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