How the cell balancing on FRDM33772BSPIEVB works?

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How the cell balancing on FRDM33772BSPIEVB works?

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I have been trying to figure out how to get the FRDM33772BSPIEVB evaluation board for MC33772 battery cell controller working. I am able to interface 6 18650 cells in series with the board, load and charger. I can monitor values on the EvalGUI ans also log those values but there are a few queries:

1. How to activate and use cell balancing. Hardware connections and EvalGUI software settings.

2. What changes can be observed in the voltage/current values when cell balancing is on.

3. Log time values are logging as random numbers with varying gap of 57 to 61 points. How to convert them to a meaningful time value.

4. Coulomb count values are logging in the range 1-5E+09. What do those values mean?

5. What should be the value of external NTC thermistors for correct temperature  reading?

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