Detect and get uID Mifare DesFire Ev3 card on IOS (swift).

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Detect and get uID Mifare DesFire Ev3 card on IOS (swift).

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Hi all!
Can someone help me? I have several Mifare DesFire Ev3 cards. I am trying to detect and get the UID of a card on my IOS app but it fails.

Here's what I'm doing:

@available(iOS 13, *)

    func beginScanning() {

        let sessiont = NFCTagReaderSession(pollingOption: .iso14443, delegate: self)

        sessiont.alertMessage = "vID.startSS.holdWn".localizableString()




    @available(iOS 13, *)

    func tagReaderSession(_ session: NFCTagReaderSession, didDetect tags: [NFCTag]) {

        LogVM.log("Read tag:")

        if case let NFCTag.miFare(tag) = tags.first! {

            LogVM.log("=> Is tag mife:")

            LogVM.log(tag.identifier.hexEncodedString(options: .upperCase))



When I touch the ev3 tag it doesn't even jump to the "didDetect tags" function and "LogVM.log("Read tag:")".

The code works great with my ev2 tag, it easily detects the tag and gets the uID on the ev2 tag.

How can I detect Ev3 tags?
Note: I tried detecting it on NXP's "Tag Info" application. It detected that it was indeed a Mifare DesFire Ev3 card.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @congpt ,


We are just IC supplier, only can provide documentation regarding Mifare DESFire EV3, for iOS development issue, you have to ask for help from Apple.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Have a great day,

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