Data integrity ICODE SLIX

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Data integrity ICODE SLIX

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Hello, I am using ICODE SLIX RFID tags for an industrial project. i need to explore the integrity options for this tag. I want to make sure that the data i wrote was well written (if someone moves away the tag while the RFID reader is still reading/ writing) i need to know that there isn't any data lost. i have already asked a question to one of the specialists who told me that there isn't data integrity for this tag and that i need to implement it by myself in the code. however i came across the paragraph 9.6 data integrity of the datasheet below. so can please someone explain it to me?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I have answered the question via the case you submitted. Please check your email in time.


Have a nice day.


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