Consult HTRC110 NFC HITAG Reader with HITAG S 256

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Consult HTRC110 NFC HITAG Reader with HITAG S 256

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Dear Community , 

 Issues about HTRC110 and HiTag S 256 H5601EWN700. Please advise.

 The MCU model we currently use is AT32F403A Artery Technology.

 The Reader model is HTRC110.

 The Tag is HiTag S 256 H5601EWN700.


 Our issues so far is:

  1. How does MCU interpret and parse the signal transmitted from Reader, e.g., UID of HiTag S 256?
  2. After successfully parsing the UID, how does we acquire the data in the page 0 to 7 of HiTag S 256?


 The current progress we have is:

  As “READ_TAG” command have been sent and HiTag S 256 is near the RFID antenna to make sure “HiTag S 256” is available for Reader.



 The signal can be measured on DOUT Pin of reader (photo below) via logic analyzer


The measure result is as follows:


It seems that the signal is repeating with specific wavefrom.

We believe that Reader have successfully received the command from MCU, and have received the data from HiTag S 256. The reader is outputting the data vis DOUT.

The issue is that we do not know how to interpret and parse them by MCU.


Let us explain more about the measurement via logic analyzer:

  1. As READ_TAG Command has been sent:

First line: SCLK

Second line: DIN

Third line: DOUT

The photo below shows READ_TAG and SCLK keep LOW


The phot below shows DOUT keep outputting signal as HiTag S 256 is detected.


Sending READ_TAG command and pull low SCLK to keep READ_TAG-mode

The signal con be measure on third line for DOUT. We need to know to interpret and parse them by MCU.

  1. Other command is ok.

By READ_PHASE command,the response from the reader can be read (0x0C).


First line: SCLK

Second line: DIN

Third line: DOUT


Ps. As other commands of reader sent, we can get proper response from Reader, e.g., READ_PHASE(0x08), we get the 0x0E response.


Thanks a lot.

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