Config SJA1105ELY

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Config SJA1105ELY

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Hi all,

i have problems with the config of the SJA1105ELY switch. i created a config with the gen tool, but my conif isn't valid-->the configs-bit=0.

I'm not sure if my HW ist the problem, or my SPI-Bus. i can read the device id (address 0x00) and also the bits 3:0 from the configuration status information-->counter changes.

However i can't read any reset-values like  12121212h from address 100800h.

Also the MISO line isn't responding the way i think it should. It only mirrors the address that i send via MOSI line

Anyone has an idea what the problem ist?

btw i try to config the SJA1105ELY with an ESP32


Thank you

Yours Lukas

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Lukas, 

can you tell me what HW are you using exactly? 

And also - assuming you are using the python tools to generate the configuration - can you provide the script you used?



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