FS65/45XX CAN short to GND function verify and test

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FS65/45XX CAN short to GND function verify and test

FS65/45XX CAN short to GND function verify and test

Because of sometimes customer test fail on CAN short GND function, below shows the test step and result for verify.

So need emphasize that EVB only works on debug mode.

 Do not confuse about Debug/Normal mode and INIT/Normal mode in the state machine.

You can short CAN on EVB every CAN points to GND,

but actual in application customer boards sometimes the distance between CAN points and GND is so long and with more noise on bus line. so please take care of this short function should be meet the spec in datasheet.


 ----Test 1:

Test under INIT mode, CAN short GND function works well.

Short CAN_L to GND, has a flag on CANL_.




We can’t write the CAN_LIN_MODE register, only can read.

 After read CAN_LIN_MODE register, we find that CAN works on the normal mode.





----Test 2:

Test under normal mode operation after configure INIT_INT register.


Short CANL to GND, the CANL_ flag set ‘1’ ,this CAN short to GND works well, without re-set the CAN_LIN_MODE register, then we read the information that CAN works on normal mode.



Setting the CAN in sleep mode then short CANL to GND,can’t detect the fault bit.


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