Windows 8 driver for USBDM?

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Windows 8 driver for USBDM?

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I am using windows 8.0,     64bit. I wanted to use my FRDM board as a programmer for programming custom designed board containing kinetis uc i.e K10. but when I am installing USBDM drivers on windows 8. the installation is being cancelled by the following error msg. I have checked the same with my friend's PC i.e on windows 7 everything is working fine as the driver is being installed in the PC there. I also searched a lot but didn't got any solution. I am using the latest version of USBDM i.e from  USBDM - Browse Files at kindly look into the matter.


Thanks and Regards

Amit Kumar

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I had the same problem. This is what I did:

Get a computer running Windows XP 32b or run it in a VM. I used VirtualBox in my Win8 host machine

Install USBDM software:


and the driver for your WinXP machine


Connect the USBDM and install drivers automatically, depending on the FW version of your USBDM it will tell you "bdm firmware version is incompatible" when trying to connect. If this is the case, run "USBDM Firmware Updater" which was installed with 1). Device will be updated.

After you have successfully update your firmware in WinXP. You can now switch to your Win8 machine. Download Zadig and install it in your Win8 machine:

Zadig - USB driver installation made easy

Open notepad, paste the following lines and save it as "USBDM.cfg"

--start //dont copy this line


  Description = "USBDM"

  VID = 0x16D0

  PID = 0x0567

GUID = "{93FEBD51-6000-4E7E-A20E-A80FC78C7EA1}"


Connect the USBDM, open Zadig, load the USBDM.cfg file, select WinUSB and install the driver. This should install the signed driver and let you work under Win8


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Hi Amit

I had the same problem of you and I made a partition on my hard Drive Disc and I installed Windows 7

than I installed USBDM Drivers and everything woks well that was my solution to work with the USBDM mode

with my KL25Z.

good luck with your projects.

best reguards!

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Hi Amit,

I have not tested USBDM with windows 8 so I can't make any guarantees.  I do not have access to a win-8 machine!

You can try installing the required driver using the Zadig software at :

Let me know how it goes.


PS. A note for other readers of this post:   As you realize - USBDM is not the same as OSBDM!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

please go to P&E Microcomputer Systems to get the latest drivers.

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Hi Zhang

Thanks for your reply. Presently I am using USBDM and the link you have provided is for OSBDM. I think the drivers are not compatible with one another. It didn't work.



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