Unable to connect to MC9S08AW60 with OSBDM JS-16-CWJ

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Unable to connect to MC9S08AW60 with OSBDM JS-16-CWJ

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I've recently bought a new MC9S08AW60CFUE with minimal system, and a BDM using MC9S08JS16CWJ, but keep fail to connect them.

I've tried plug or unplut RESET pin, tick or untick "Use hardware RESET", manually connect BKGD to GND and than replug it onto BDM, and all failed connecting.

It always jumped out: "

Connection with the target has failed.

Please cycle power to target.

Retry Connection?


and find no way to fix that.

My driver version is 4.12.3, and USBDM version is

My system is Windows 10 Professional 1709

My CW version is 10.7 (although it seems to do nothing with CW)

and I've tried debug mode. The log would be uploaded in attatchments.

I'd really appreciate that if someone can help me. It's been bothering me for severay days.


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