USBDM Unable to program MC9S12G128

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USBDM Unable to program MC9S12G128

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Hi pgo

I'm working with USBDM from Witztronics using WTUSBDM_CF_JM to program S9S12G128 but I have some issues for example when I tray to flash the memory program it says "Program data not within target flash memory" and the way I do it is fist program eeprom memory using erase mass option and for the flash program EraseSelective option.


So I think it could be flash memory configuration issue because flash range start on 0x20000-0x3FFFF for S12G128 and hcs12_devices.xml and I don't see it where.

Flash range.pngDevice-xml.png

And the flash program it's correct because we use it with PEmicro and works well.

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