OSBDM-JM60 don't work correct on coldfire v2

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OSBDM-JM60 don't work correct on coldfire v2

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I build one osbdm-jm60 based on freescale's public release. IT seem some strange problem on coldfire v2.

I use my custom mcf52259 development board  which can be debugged by tblcf BDM.

but when use my custom osbdm-jm60 bdm, sometimes the followwing error occured:

I build 'INTERNAL_RAM' target, click 'debug' button, then the code download into mcf52259 ram correctly. but when I run the target, it seems frozen, I means it stop at the beginning of _startup function:

asm void _startup(void)


/* disable interrupts */

    move.w        #0x2700,sr


/* Pre-init SP, in case memory for stack is not valid it should be setup using 

  MEMORY_INIT before __initialize_hardware is called 


lea __SP_AFTER_RESET,a7; 


    /* initialize memory */



/* initialize any hardware specific issues */

    jsr           __initialize_hardware   





BDM can't execute any code ,I press F10/F11, it stip at ' move.w        #0x2700,sr', never go ahead.

I don't know what is the matter?what is the reason?


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