I meet a question of MC9S08AW60 CFUE

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I meet a question of MC9S08AW60 CFUE

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Hi pgo,

There is a strange question,when i program MC9S08AW60 CFUE with USBDM.

I program a mass of MC9S08AW60 CFUE chip with USBDM.but only one chip has the question as follow.

I have two programs .program2 can be programed with no error.But program1 meet the question.


program2 is larger than program1.

So i'm confused.

Original Attachment has been moved to: program-2.abs.s19.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: program-1.abs.s19.zip

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Hi Wang,

I'm a little bit unclear about what you are saying.  Could I check the following:

If this is the case then I would think there is something wrong with that particular chip.  This could be a defect in the chip Flash or just a flaw in the board e.g. a floating Vcc/Vdd pin or defective power supply bypass.  This can lead to errors that depend on the actual data being programmed or at least the memory range.

If the error applies to multiple chips let me know and I will do some further testing.


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