Are there plans to OSBDM support for the MC13234 and/or MC13237 MCUs?

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Are there plans to OSBDM support for the MC13234 and/or MC13237 MCUs?

Contributor III

We are using the USBDM open source BDM interface. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be support for MC13234 or MC13237 MCUs. Is there plans to do so?

I understand there is documentation to create such support ourselves, unfortunately, we don't have the time to spare.

Thanks in advance.


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Contributor IV

They are listed in the hcs08_devices.xml file, so I would expect they are already supported.



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Senior Contributor V

Hi Mark,

No plans since I don't have any hardware to develop with .  The bare chips look a bit too hard to use with a mock-up as well.

If you have a suitable board and USBDM hardware you can try adding the following entry to the hcs08_devices.xml file.

This is based on the description in the MC13237RM manual.

  • First check if the chip is recognised by the stand-alone HCS08 programmer.
  • If it is not recognised please report the chip ID that the programmer indicates and change the entry below accordingly.

<device family="HCS08" name="MC1323x">
<memory type="ram">
<memoryRange start="0x000080" end="0x0017FF" />
<memory pageAddress="0x0078" registerAddress="0x1820" type="flash" securityAddress="0xFFB0">
<securityEntryRef ref="HCS08-default-security" />
<memoryRange start="0x002080" end="0x007FFF" />
<memoryRange start="0x008000" end="0x00BFFF" pageStart="0" pages="128K" />
<memoryRange start="0x00C000" end="0x00FFFF" />
<sdid value="0x2044" /> <!-- MC13234 -->
<sdid value="0x3044" /> <!-- MC13237 -->

PS: OSBDM is not the same as USBDM


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