Suggestions to members

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Suggestions to members

Suggestions to members

All, welcome to this project!  This notice is intended to help you understand how this method of support works and to make a few requests.



  • Please tell us how you are involved in this project (your role) in a discussion below. Understanding the context of the team helps us do a better job assigning and resolving issues.  It's good to know who does what!
  • Please do not email or private message support people or submit a Service Request to CRM to get help - submit your questions, comments, ideas, concerns, etc as discussions in this space.
  • Each "Support Issue" discussion here is assigned to an individual to own the issue, and it is his responsibility to provide an answer.

Support Issue Submitters

  • Please provide as much information up front as you can to prevent a bunch of back-and-forths for the issue owner to get all the needed information.  For the support team to understand and respond to your issue faster, the following information in your issue description is suggested:

                         1. NXP or other standard reference board used

                   2. Kernel version and/or BSP release used

                   3. Any additional software/application or hardware used

                   4. Hardware or software changes made from standard platform

                   5. Expected and observed behavior

                   6. Steps to reproduce

                   7. Frequency of reproducibility (always, usually, sometimes)

                   8. Display type and resolution (for video/graphic/display issues)

  • When a response has been provided that answers your question, please acknowledge it by marking the question "answered".
  • Do not piggy-back unrelated or marginally related questions in the same thread - start a new one.


Please visit Using NXP Community if you have any questions about using a community feature.  Also, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve our support process in this space, we want to hear from you.

*Please note:  Private portals are secure and only members have access to the information.  Portal members may see their private portal content in the periodic summary that is emailed to the community participants (if subscribed).  Only members of the portal will see this activity. 

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