eDMA implementation in CAN system

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eDMA implementation in CAN system

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Hello there!

I was hoping someone could help me with some questions that I have regarding the eMDA access blocks available in the MBD Toolbox.

I don't understand most of the paremeters to be filled in the "eDMA transfer" block, for example:

1* Regarding the channel number? Am I supposed to have one channel for each CAN transmitter block? 

2* I am trying to receive CAN messages from a CANalyzer, and then send them back to CANalyzer again, is this transfer type periph2periph?

3* I don't understand what to put in the source and destination list, because I don't have a special place in memory too look for, nor a special message either. I am just going to receive any message I get in the board and send it back over CAN.

4* Lastly, how do I know the DMA implementation is working? Is there a way to know? 

I am just beggining with this DMA subject so I don't know much about it in the toolbox(just what it is  for).

Thanks again, if you have questions in order to give me a response, please let me know. 

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