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UPDATE: New Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx version 4.2.0 is now available. This release enables support for some new parts (S32K142W and S32K144W) and contains approximately 300 examples. In addition to these new parts, our team enabled support for Battery Management Systems (MC3377xB), EEEPROM R/W operations, extended support for MATLAB versions (R2016a-R2020a) and enabled integration with Simulink toolboxes like Motor Control Blockset and Battery Management Systems toolbox. We also added some community-favorite requests - I2C multi transfer block, S32Design Studio importer for referenced models and others.

Latest News! Enroll now for the Model-Based Design Toolbox four-part How-To series webinars. It's your chance for a quick start and rump up with NXP Model-Based Design Tools. Each part consists of 30 minutes presentation with demonstration and 15 minutes or more for Q&A

Model-Based Design Tools for Matlab and Simulink Support

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The Model-Based Design Toolbox provides an integrated development environment and toolchain for configuring and generating all of the necessary software automatically. Learn more.