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Pricing of the toolbox license

Contributor V

Hi, we need clarification about the pricing model of the MBD Toolbox. The tools are marketed everywhere as 'free of charge' (in the same way as other NXP "free enablement tools").
We did read the license file carefuly and there are parts 'not very clear' like: the need of "contact with local NXP representative for asking the grants for section 2.3" of the license.
So we did ask the local representative on 14.12.2020. We have received the answer today that says only this:
"The license the customer might look for is the following: SW32K14-MMCL1B, more details here:
consider the library price is in the pricelist..."

Does this mean that the price of the MBD Toolbox (if used in real/commercial development) is 5000USD per toolbox ?
What if we do not use the AMMCLIB library in our development - only peripheral drivers blocks - do we still need paid license ?
What about the S32K11x parts and i.MX RT and Kinetis KV Toolbox-es - we didn't find any offerings for the AMMCLIB for this devices ?

Please clarify these points.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Maciek,

The MBDT Toolbox includes the AMMCLIB component which has a separate more restrictive licensing.

AMMCLIB licensing has 3 flavors:

  • Free-Evaluation Object Code (used in the MBDT) for prototyping only. You can't go into production with this one.
  • License Production Object Code (used in the MBDT) and which can be used for production after paying NXP a license fee
  • License Production Source Code (not used in the MBDT) which gives you access to the C/asm code of the function's implementation and you can modify but only for NXP chips. This is the most expensive version.

Therefore, if you use NXP MBDT without any AMMCLIB blocks - you can use as an alternative the Mathworks Motor Control Blockset  - then you can use the generated code without limitation - free-of-cost.

Only when AMMCLIB blocks are mixed with the generated code and the code goes into a product sold you need to pay the license fee for using AMMCLIB.

 The i.MXRT and Kinetis new toolboxes are using a different type of library: RTCESL which is different than AMMCLIB.

S32K11x has an AMMCLIB version different than S32K14x since the cores are different and the number of functions is limited. Both AMMCLIB flavors are shipped with the MBDT S32K1xx 1.4.0 version of the toolbox.

Hope this helps!




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Contributor V

Hi @dumitru-daniel_ ,

1. I assume that you have meant: 

"Free-Evaluation Object Code (used in the MBDT) for prototyping only. You can't go into production with this one" (you wrote: 'You can go into production...') ?

2. In case of i.MX RT and Kinetis KV: can we use freely RTCESL library in commercial development ? Or there is separate paid license for this library ?

3. We have S32K116-based projects that were developed using MBDT without the use of AMMCLIB and with custom Simulink libraries developed by us. Does that mean that we can run production without any further contact with NXP ? (I'm asking because we didn't formally "acquire a license grant for section 2.3"). If not: how to formally "acquire a license grant for section 2.3" (and what is it) ?



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