Error code:0x80000101,How to solve this problem

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Error code:0x80000101,How to solve this problem

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     I use hardware "DEVKIT-MPC5744P", Use software  Model-Based Design Tools and  Freemaster,There is a strange phenomenon when I use the example below the MBDT installation path: 1、 The project "MotorControl_1_pnt" can normal communication with Freemaster, the value of the variable can been observed;2、However the project , the error is show in figure_1 when I use the project "MotorControl_0_pnt", but, the communication function will recover if I delete the module which is show the red frame of the picture_2. 

   Please help to deal with it, thank you

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


You are using an older version of our toolbox. I strongly recommend to try the latest release Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx Automotive Version 3.0.0

Related to your issue there, can be multiple causes:

1. The blocks might use more memory than the chip has and from this reason it can fail. But in this case the code would not boot.

2. The time required by those blocks might be higher than the step time and from this reason there would be no time left for FreeMaster communication. You can try using the Freemaster configuration to run over interrupts. This might help.

Hope this helps,


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