Design information on LDMOS MRFX1F80H/N for 128 MHz operation

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Design information on LDMOS MRFX1F80H/N for 128 MHz operation

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I am interested in developing RF amplifier for 128 MHz operation intended for use in 3T MR systems using NXP LDMOS MRFX1K80H or MRFX1K80N. Analogic is indeed the major supplier of multi-kw solid state RF amplifiers for MR systems over the past 30+ years. Based on some new requirement in MR system applications, I intend to use LDMOS devices as compared to standard High Voltage (500 ~ 1000V Vds max) MOSFETs in the past. About a year ago, I was given a power point presentation titled, "NXP MRFX1K80H 128 MHz 2-up reference circuit overview". I am looking for much more technical information regarding this particular application report. I have attached a copy of that report for reference. I am looking for additional details for this PCB like design files, schematic etc and the possibility of this evaluation kit. Any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello ,

On this community we handle question regarding MATLAB/Simulink or our toolboxes. Unfortunately I can't help you on this topic, but I can suggest that you open a ticket for technical support here (go to 'Go to Ticket').


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