DEVKIT-MPC5748G Download Error

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DEVKIT-MPC5748G Download Error

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Hello, I recently used the DEVKIT-MPC5748G development board, developed based on the MBD tool, and downloaded using openSDA in the S32DS software, but an error occurred during the download process, displaying " The target may have entered reset escalation.Please power cycle the board.", and the red light of the reset on the development board lights up. It seems that the development board is in a reset state. Is there any solution? Thank you!


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


For the first error message you should simply switch off and on the SW5 and then press the ok button. 

For the second message, you could try adding the -uncensorpassword=n as it says and see what's happening but the processor might be gone. 

You can also try creating a clean project in S32DS for MPC5748G and flash it using either the OpenSDA or an external JTAG to the board. 

If any of the proposed suggestions work you can try using the Rappid bootloader to upload the code over the Serial. 

Hope this helps, 


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