Current limit for ASLx16ySHN

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Current limit for ASLx16ySHN

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Can each channel of ASLx16ySHN drive more than 1.5A current independently if the external components say Inductor, MOSFET, Freewheel diode, Rsense are selected to drive more than 1.5A? Is there any limit to its operation (current drive capability) it being a Buck Current Regulator? Can it drive any current per channel (say 2A) as per the external components?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Unfortunately this is the Model-Based Design Toolbox community, where we respond to questions related with our Simulink library. Since I can not redirect your question to another community, I think you should ask it here.

However, without giving you an erroneous message in the datasheet from here, it says that the LED driver provides an output current of up to and above 1.5 A per channel. The below note mentions that "The ASL3416 provides an accurate current over a 1 : 12.5 range. This range can be scaled up or down using external components. Depending on the operating conditions and component choices, output currents of min 30 mA and more than 3 A can be achieved."

So probably your assumption is correct: using the right component you can obtain 2Amps but calculate twice the values and please post in the community I mentioned. 

Hope this helps!


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