Connect the DEVKIT-MPC5744P with VX1000 or A8

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Connect the DEVKIT-MPC5744P with VX1000 or A8

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How can you connect the measurement device VX1000 device from Vector e.g. VX1060 Serial Base Module  or A8 Serial Interface Module from ATI  with DEVKIT-MPC5744P to measure the signals in real time. 

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Dear Marius,

first of all thanks for your reply.  

Yes, I am using MBD and I want to program, debug/trace the generated code, as well as save the measurements to analyse them in Matlab. It doesn't matter how the measured data transferred over serial or whatever. My goal is just to measure signals in real time and analyse them offline by MATLAB.

If you connect somehow for example VX1000 to your board MPC5744P  you can use the related power tool CANape to measure a lot of 32-bit signals in 100 us in real time (not just 8 signals), save the measurement in a proper format to be analysed by MATLAB. But all of these signals should be defined in A2L file before. 

Related to the FreeMaster:

1- Is it possible to save the measurement in a proper format for Matlab?

2- Can you directly select any signal which is available in your simulink model to be measured without the need for further pre-definitions like A2L ...etc 

3- Can you calibrate the parameters online without CAN-case from vector ans save the changed parameters in a parameter-file?

Best Regards

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Firstly, let's clarify a bit your scenario: For programming the MPC5744P devkit are you using the Model-Based Design Toolbox? Do you want to program, debug or trace the generated code or just to transfer measurement data results over serial?

I'm asking that, because if you only want transfer measured variables from board to PC over Serial on CAN our MBDT toolbox comes with a great tool, which is called FreeMaster. You can find more about that in an example called fm_mpc574x.mdl.

Waiting for your response,