Compiler support for NXP's MATLAB MBDT(Model Based Design Toolbox)

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Compiler support for NXP's MATLAB MBDT(Model Based Design Toolbox)

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I currently want to use the NXP's MBDT in Simulink (for MPC574xL). There exists three compilers that support this building and code generation to run on the NXP microcontroller. These are GreenHills, WindRiver and Freescale. I have already invested in another compiler (which supports NXP microcontroller but not the MDBT as it is not mentioned in the NXP MBDT document) and do not want to use these three. What is the workaround? Or can I still use the other compiler in the simulink environment (I think it's not possible but still confirming). Also what are the PROs and CONs of using the three compilers specified in the NXP document. 

(I am using another compiler partly because I want C++ 11 support)

Any help/hint in this direction will be useful to decide if a change in compiler is necessary or I could make work-arounds or any other suggestions are also welcome. Thank you :smileyhappy: 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi raghurajappa‌,

I think we are talking about MPC564xL not MPC574xL toolbox right ?

The Toolbox itself comes with a Math library optimized for these 3 compilers, therefore the options exposed in the MATLAB. To add a new compiler is not a trivial task - therefore that should not be used as an approach in this case.

One  simple&doable alternative is to use the MBD Toolbox just for the code generation out of the Simulink blocks, then import those C/H files into the IDE that supports your compiler and link the generated code from MATLAB with your compiler specific startup code and linker command files for NXP processor.

The other alternative would be to use GHS - i see they have support for C++ 11: Green Hills Software Announces Compiler 2017 

Hope this help!




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