Can't download the file to the board

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Can't download the file to the board

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1.JPGHellow I am bong

I did simulink for S32k14

I recived MDB sample for S32k14 from NXP site

So I did setting after I clicked build botton

but I recived message for 'Can't download the file to the board'

why did i recive the message?

what do I check about ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello bonggyusong‌,

You have to select the proper drive where the board has been mounted.

You can go to the main config block, go to Target Connection tab and from there:

   - either select "Custom" option for OpenSDA Drive Name and enter the drive letter where the board has been mounted (check it by opening My computer and see where the S32k144-EVB is mounted)

   - either, having the board connected, click on the Refresh button and then in that popup list you'll get all the connected drives; just select the S32K144 EVB from that list


Hope this helps,


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