ADC_Read block for the kinetis KV10 only works for one channel

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ADC_Read block for the kinetis KV10 only works for one channel

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Hello all,

When using the ADC_READ block for the kinetis MKV10Z32VLF7 target on the FRDM-KV10Z board i can't configure it to read more than one analog channel. The model that i use has two ADC_start blocks. One for channel AD6, and one for channel AD7. The ADC_Read block should output the result for both channels using a data result and a channel signal.


And the state flow chart:


But i can get only the data for AD7 out. AD6 is ignored. When i disable the ADC_Start block for channel AD7 it does output the data for AD6 ( as expected ), so the hardware is ok.

Now when looking at the code generation report if find the next lines of code;


Line 460 programs selects analog channel 6 to be converted to digital. When i only use this channel the model functions as expected. But when i also use channel 7 ( as in the model above ) the second line at 465 programs register ADC0_SC1A to select channel 7. And so channel 6 is not selected anymore. This would explain what i see.

My question is now how can i use two or more analog channels using the kinetis KV10Z toolbox?

Thank you,


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