Reboot issue for NXP S32V234 EVB

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Reboot issue for NXP S32V234 EVB

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Hi Support team,

We are using S32V234-EVB2 evaluation board for my custom work. we are facing an issue with S32V234 SD card boot.

During our testing NXP board suddenly started rebooting continuously.
Tried couple of things to resolve.
1. Flashed kernel image on different SDCards and tried booting, same behaviour is observed.
2. When we traced the signal on an oscilloscope, we see SOFT_RESET signal is going periodically low and that can directly cause reset.
3. Input signal to U30G, PROC_FLXR_TXEN_B is also going periodically low, not sure why is this happening.
4. PROC_FLXR_TXEN_B is coming as a COM1- from U312.

We tried with different 12V adaptor, we see the same issue.

Have you ever observed this reboot issue before? Please advise us possible solutions.

Please find the boot logs attached.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Pratik Parvati,


This community space do not cover the topic you need assistance on.

Please create new NXP support case according to following procedure:


Hope this helps,


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