NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 version 1.2.0 - Product Release Announcement

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NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 version 1.2.0 - Product Release Announcement

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NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 version 1.2.0 - Product Release Announcement




Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 – 1.2.0



Austin, Texas, USA

October 14, 2019


Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors Model-Based Design Tools Team at NXP Semiconductors, is pleased to announce the release of the Vision Toolbox for S32V234 1.2.0 RFP. This release supports Computer Vision and Machine Learning applications prototyping with MATLAB® for NXP’s S32V234 Automotive Vision Processors.





Activation link


Technical Support

NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 issues are tracked through NXP Model-Based Design Tools Community space



Release Content (updates relative to previous version)

  • A quick guided tour into the Vision Toolbox main features supported in this release can be watched here:

 Machine Vision Algorithm development using Vision Toolbox | NXP 

  • Compatible with NXP Vision Software Development Kit for S32V2 RTM 1.4.0 libraries and build tools;
  • Machine Learning support with MATLAB® pretrained CNN/Deep Learning Toolbox and code generation for S32V234 ARM A53 now compatible with the latest version of release 2019b;
  • Redesign all ready to run examples that can be executed in MATLAB® simulation or directly on S32V234 HW to make them more user friendly:
  • Faces / Pedestrians / Lanes Detection applications;pastedImage_32.png



MATLAB® Integration

The NXP Vision Toolbox extends the MATLAB® Computer Vision System, Image Processing and Deep Learning toolboxes experience by allowing customers to evaluate and use NXP’s Vision SDK RTM 1.4.0 and NXP S32V evaluation boards (EVB and SBC) solutions out-of-the-box with:



Target Audience

This release is intended for technology demonstration, evaluation purposes, computer vision and machine learning prototyping with S32V234 microprocessors and S32V SBC & EVB boards


Useful Resources

NXP Vision Toolbox Home page

Other useful documents can be found on Toolbox Home page Documentation






Seems I got an error related with the space in path string when I am trying to exe nxpvt_crate_target command.

Please help.



Hi JimDuan‌,

This is a known limitation of the Vision SDK which does not support spaces in the project directory or SDK directory. You could change the path to one that has no spaces from Home => Preferences => Add-ons:


Please let me know if you encounter any other problems.

Thank you,


Does this release support camera: MAX9286S32V234 & MCIMXCAMERA1MP (OV10635) yet?



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