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Smart Electricity Meter

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Smart Electricity Meter


With the growing consumption of energy worldwide, particularly in the residential market, utility providers need increasingly accurate and cost-effective energy metering solutions.

The electricity meter is used for measurement and registration of active and reactive energy in single-phase, two-wire networks for direct connection.

NXP’s connectivity solutions for smart metering address the challenges smart cities face for reliable, secure communications for remote metering and home energy management.

We enable remote metering with NAN technologies like IEEE® 802.15.4 and Wireless MBUS. Additionally, NXP fosters smart energy management inside homes with HAN technologies like ZigBee®.


  • All measurements performed by SD ADC
  • Shunt resistor measurements amplified by Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA)
  • Phase shift between phase voltage and phase current measurements compensated by phase shifter block
  • Active and passive tamper detection with time stamping
  • Highest-resolution AFE with 4 x 24-Bit SD ADC
  • LCD controller

Block Diagram



Category Name 1:


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Arm® Cortex®-M0+|Kinetis® KM3x 50-75 MHz 32-bit MCUs | NXP 

Product Description 1

Kinetis® KM3x MCUs enable single-chip one-, two-, and three-phase electricity meters, as well as flow meters and other precision measurement applications.

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±8g, Low g, Digital Accelerometer | NXP 

Product Description 1

The NXP® MMA8491Q 3-axis accelerometer is an ultra-low-power tilt sensor that is ideal for smart meters.

Product URL 2

Digital Sensor - 3D Accelerometer | NXP 

Product Description 2

The 14-bit accelerometer and 16-bit magnetometer are combined with a high-performance ASIC to enable an eCompass solution capable of a typical orientation resolution of 0.1° and sub-5° compass heading accuracy for most applications.

Category Name 3:


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A71CH | Plug and Trust for IoT | NXP 

Product Description 1

A71CH is a ready-to-use secure element for IoT devices providing a root of trust at the IC level and delivers, chip-to-cloud security right out of the box, so you can safely connect to IoT clouds and services, including AWS, IBM Watson IoT™ Platform, and Google Cloud™ IoT Core without writing security code or exposing keys.

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Zigbee and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless microcontroller with 512 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM | NXP 

Product Description 1

The JN5169 is an ultra-low-power, high-performance wireless MCU suitable for ZigBee applications.

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PN5180 | Full NFC Forum-compliant frontend IC | NXP 

Product Description 1

The PN5180 is a high-performance full NFC Forum-compliant frontend IC for various contactless communication methods and protocols.

Category Name 6:

Power management

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TEA172x | NXP 

Product Description 1

These highly integrated devices enable low no-load power consumption below 10 mW, reduce component count for a cost-effective application design, and provide advanced control modes that deliver exceptional efficiency.


Filter-Based Algorithm for metering applications:


TWR-KM34Z75M: Kinetis M Series Tower System ModuleTWR-KM34Z75M|Tower System Board|Kinetis MCUs | NXP 
Single-Phase MeteringSingle Phase Meter | NXP 
Two Phase Power Meter Reference DesignTwo Phase Power Meter Reference Design | NXP 
Three-Phase Power Meter Reference DesignThree Phase Power Meter | NXP 

Is the three phase power meter reference design available to buy/borrow anywhere? None of these reference designs seem to be available. Is the source code for the three phase meter available somewhere? There's only an executable in the design resources section.

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