switching security level SL1 to SL3

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switching security level SL1 to SL3

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I am using NXP om5577 device on raspbery pi board (win10 iot), mifire plus se card, C#.

I am stuck with switching  security level SL1 -> SL3. Sending apdu command FF C2 00 02 04 8F 02 00 04 (set to ISO 14443-4 Type A, communication layer 4) returns 6F00 - internal exception. On ACS ACR1281 1S Dual Reader PICC 0 this cmd works fine.

What could be wrong?

Switching from SL0 to SL1 works fine.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Yurii Oliinyk,

In the state SL1 MF Classic Authenticated, the MF1SEP(H)10x1 will behave as
MIFARE Classic 1K with the possibility of optional AES authentication.
A full card activation to ISO 14443-4 is needed to Authenticate with the Originality Key or  Authenticate with the SL3 Switch Key. The authentication can be done both as
First Authentication, described in Section or as Following Authentication,
described in Section Respective Keys as described in Section 8.6 have to
be used. After authentication with SL3 Switch Key a reset and card activation are
needed to start operating in the security level 3.

please check the full data sheet in the section 7.5 in order to see how the level switching can be performed.



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