nxp nfc cockpit with CLEV6630ARD?

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nxp nfc cockpit with CLEV6630ARD?

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I wondered if the CLEV6630ARD development board can be used with nfc cockpit? It has a USB port so it would make sense. However it does nothing. Not a single led blink or something. I also tried to use it with SPI and my Arduino but neither does it anything there.

It's either possible that I make something terribly wrong or the board is broken. It would also help me if you could tell me if the board does something when powered up since like I said - it does nothing. Absolutely nothing (the LEDs work however if powered by an external source).


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


CLEV663ARD add-on board provides NFC reader functionality and it is designed to be
used with with any boards compatible with Arduino header, including most LPCXpresso,
Kinetis and i.MX boards. So there is no the MCU in the board. So can't use cockpit all alone.

Please find the more information as the link.



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