need more information about CLRC66301 ic

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need more information about CLRC66301 ic

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Hi Sir,

   few days back i started working on CLRC663 chip which is connected to external controller. Please give me information about how to configure the clrc663 chip. i am using spi interface.    how to use library files. Because i am not using NXP controllers.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Are you using an NXP evaluation board for CLRC663?

The CLEV663B is the official development board. It is supported by the NFC Reader library, available from the "Downloads" tab in the product page:

CLRC663 development board|NXP 

The library has support for NXP Kinetis and LPC devices. If you need to use it with a different platform / host MCU then you need to make a porting effort. The library architecture is designed in layers which allows porting by adapting the BAL (Bus Abstraction Layer) to use the SPI or I2C peripheral of your corresponding MCU and filling a couple APIs for the pins and timers configuration. Please note the support is limited for the porting effort but if you have questions about the library architecture in general or the functioning of CLRC663 please feel free to let us know.

In addition I recommend you to watch the next webinar for an introduction to the NFC Reader Library:

Design and Implement NFC applications 4: NFC Reader|NXP 


Jorge Gonzalez

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