Will the OM5578 board ever be sold on its own

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Will the OM5578 board ever be sold on its own

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As many of you well know the OM5578 board is only available as part of a development kit. That is, there are 3 kits available, namely:

PN7150RPIM - Raspberry Pi but has limitations on which RPI can be used

PN7150BBBM - Beaglebone but you cannot use with PocketBeagle for example

PN7150ARDM - Arduino R3 type boards but cannot be used if same MCU has different form factor

I would like to field test a particular application with a small batch of OM5578's (around about 20) and want to test a number of different MCU's with different off-the-shelf form-factors and eventually move to a customised form-factor but at this stage still happy with OM5578 as shielded and antenna works.

It is making more work for myself as I'm "reinventing the wheel" so to speak by getting the exact same board layout made from scratch in a custom board layout and it is time consuming to reflow all the components and quality check etc. It also seems a waste of money purchasing dev kits and then having to dispose of the unwanted shields.

So what options do I have?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


It is recommended to first start with the development kit and then move to a custom solution according to the needs of your project.



Please find below the hardware design files:


Have a nice day!

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Hi Ivan


Thank you for your reply.


Yes, sorry I forgot to clarify. I already have a development kit and hence the reason to now field test as I am happy with the functionality and performance so far.


I always assume this is a standard process. Prove concept first then field test different options, evaluate and refine, test some more and then enter into production. I've seen many projects fail because they overlook the importance of field testing. Still, you want to make field testing as cost effective as possible and as effective and as productive as possible. It is important to limit the number of "degrees of freedom" to make evaluation easier and more directed. So if evaluating firmware functionality you want good hardware etc. so don't change both at the same time.


Hence, as per original post, I see a custom solution, as you suggested, as being more costly, it will take longer to get going and when doing it this way you now creating a risk that the custom hardware might have problems. 


Hence the question about wanting to get the OM5578 as a standalone purchasing option as I see this as the most cost effective and reliable option for field testing.

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