Which one is the SLRC610 true I2C Address???

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Which one is the SLRC610 true I2C Address???

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I am referencing to https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/SLRC610.pdf

Under Section

For all SLRC610 devices the upper 5 bits of the device bus address are reserved by NXP and set to 01010(bin). The remaining 2 bits (ADR_2, ADR_1) of the slave address can be freely configured by the customer in order to prevent collisions with other I2C devices by using the interface pins (refer to Table 8) or the value of the I2C address EEPROM register (refer to Table 30).

The statement tells the address started with 01010 and then followed by ADDR2 and ADDR1.


Under Section 8.7.2

Table 31-> I2C Address

I2C-Address: Two possibilities exist to define the address of the I2C interface. This can be done either by configuring the pins IF0, IF2 (address is then 10101xx, xx is defined by the interface pins IF0, IF2) or by writing value into the I2C address area. The selection, which of this 2-information pin configuration or EEPROM content - is used as I2C-address is done at EEPROM address 21h (Interface, bit4)

As you can see, now the address is started with 10101 followed by IF0 and IF2 (ADDR1 and ADDR2).

So my question is, the I2C address is started with 01010 or 10101?????

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