Tagwriter linefeed in CSV or TXT

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Tagwriter linefeed in CSV or TXT

Contributor I

I want to use TagWriter_MassEncoding_template.csv for import about 200 records.

I open the file with excel
In column Type (Link, Text) I add Text
and in column Content (http://....) I add text with linefeeds (7 lines in a cell)

When I use the csv or txt with tagwriter there only the first line from the Text field is imported.
I added " " and \n but there is no difference, only the first line is used

The result from import a .csv with:

Type (Link/Text);Content (http://....)

Result for text tag in tagwriter: AAAAA
The other 3 lines are not imported

Using a CSV or TXT file with Tagwriter; does linefeeds work for a Text cell? 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



Hope you are doing well. I tried in different ways and apparently the app cannot recognize the "Line Feed" in the CSV file.

But when you say you want to import 200 records, do you say you want to write different NDEF records to multiple tags? Because that's the objective of TagWriter + CSV.

With TagWriter + CSV you can write one NDEF record in a tag. For example, if the CSV has 15 different records, you can quickly write record 1 to the first tag, record 2 to the second tag, and so on to record and tag 15. Is this what you want to do?

If you need to write multiple records in a single tag, you would need to do this procedure: Writing multiple NDEF text records with TagWriter app.

And if you want to write the same multi records to multiple tags, you would need to check the "Write multiple NFC tags (one by one)" box.

Hope this helps.


Best Regards,


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Contributor I

Hi Ricardo, I have an excel with 200 companies (rows). There is a colum with a textfield. This textfield contains text with linefeeds. Example:

Company 1:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
- Pellentesque gravida mi eget sodales mattis.
- Fusce nec dolor lobortis nisl luctus lobortis eu ut ligula.

Nulla tristique leo iaculis purus rhoncus, et facilisis felis elementum.
- Phasellus vitae justo malesuada ex feugiat mollis.
- Pellentesque auctor erat euismod sodales varius.
- Nam tempus eros quis viverra molestie.

Etiam condimentum odio nec vulputate hendrerit.
- Etiam id lorem nec purus congue aliquet vel eu lectus.
- Nunc tempor ex vitae nisl aliquam rhoncus.

Company 2:
Ut nec nibh sit amet ipsum maximus aliquet et eget nulla.

Etiam varius ante varius orci condimentum, ac imperdiet metus semper.
- Aliquam in erat ac ex scelerisque imperdiet at ac leo.

Aenean a mauris venenatis lectus porta malesuada.
- Maecenas pharetra metus eu turpis imperdiet convallis.
- Etiam feugiat enim a felis efficitur, eu mollis neque porta.

Nulla ac eros ut ex lacinia maximus.
- Aliquam eget augue at tortor iaculis condimentum sit amet nec purus.
- Duis luctus nibh sed suscipit gravida.
- Suspendisse non lorem et odio sodales euismod sed eu turpis.
- Praesent non diam egestas, condimentum ante eu, dignissim elit.

Company 3:
Nunc sit amet ipsum et ipsum lobortis sagittis. Curabitur vitae velit pulvinar nulla viverra ultrices nec a mauris.
- Nulla vel felis non erat vehicula placerat.
- Proin a quam in quam maximus imperdiet eu non risus.


Company 4:
- Etiam at justo tincidunt, aliquet ipsum ac, mollis ex.
- Donec gravida sem eget felis sollicitudin sagittis.
- Duis varius leo vel enim sagittis molestie.


Company 5:
Etiam porta libero non bibendum laoreet.
- Curabitur fringilla orci id pretium consectetur.
- Mauris eget sem vitae sapien placerat pretium eget quis nibh.
- Etiam aliquet orci eget maximus placerat.
- Ut placerat arcu venenatis, vestibulum velit condimentum, dictum dui.

Nulla et massa elementum, bibendum sapien ut, blandit massa.


Company 6 - 200

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Contributor I

I can copy the .csv excel to my mobile, open the .csv with a text editor, copy paste every company to a textfield tag in tagwriter and write it to a company card but that takes a lot of time.

Is there a fix for import the .csv textfield with linefeeds in a textfieldtag (for every excel row a new textfieldtag in tagwriter)

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



We do not have information about any update in the TagWriter app. But, this other tool might be a solution for you, the TagXplorer PC based NFC Tag reader-writer tool.

With this tool, you can write NDEF's to your tags, I have tested with one of your "examples", and it writes it correctly.





Best Regards,


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