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PN7462 Development issue

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Hi all!, we are developing a prototype for EMVco cards with PN7462AU kit (O27462CDKP), we have a great difficult for access a SMD components here in Ecuador, but we tried with TH components and was a fail. We have right voltage values from pins 39(VDD), 44(PVDD_OUT) and 38 (VUP_TX) with 37, 34 (TVDD) connected to 5V. But no USB response from PC, like no connected.

So we have scavenged components from the kit and improve the routing of the components and we have a little success but only with DWL_RQ. If we connect the device, PC not respond like not connected. In DWL, PC now recognize the device but no enumeration response from chip, in device manager is named Unknown device. If we reset the device PC not recognize anymore.

We tried to update VCOM driver from PN7462AU software package with no success, we already tried all windows power options relevant to USB.

D+ is pulled up to 3V and D- is 0,3V permanently, ohmic value from USB chassis to PC is 80 sometimes, up to 120-130 ohm, it not change while USB cable is connected.

Ill post the schematic and photos of the prototypes.

I appreciate any help from community or NXP admins, thanks in advance!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @Ardito ,


It looks like a hardware design issue, especially the USB traces, for example, some parts are missing on your schematics,

usb design.png

please kindly refer to the PNEV7462C board schematics for more details. .


Have a great day,

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