PN5180 and CTS512 card

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PN5180 and CTS512 card

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I need to add support for ASK CTS512 / CTM512 card to our reader with PN5180 IC. Card is common low price "paper ticket" in countries using Calypso.

This card is based on 14443B with modified frame format. Card accepts standard frame (with CRC) from reader, but answer from card has no SOF nor EOF. PN5180 with 14443 B-106 protocol settings doesn't receive answer from card as there is no SOF.

So far I've been able to receive answer via setting SIGPRO_RM_CONFIG_EXTENSION = 0x00000800 (SYNC_NEGEDGE, SYNC_LEN=0) and disabled CRC computation/checking. It brings some major issues. First received byte is rubbish 0xF8 or 0xFC or 0xFE, probably sequence of 0s followed with 1s from sync phase with unmodulated subcarrier. Last received byte is 0x00 and protocol error status bit is set due to missing EOF. In case of absolute need it is usable with further SW processing, repairing frame and CRC checking, but it is not good solution when you will be dispatching millions of cards.

Question: Is there any really working/recommended PN5180 registers setting to enable fully functional communication with CTS512 card?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi @PetrBulena  please find here all C-code snippets and additional info on TypeB SW that i can share with you. They come from my personal archives, therefore consider a Big Disclaimer: none of these Type-B related codes are maintained or supported by NXP. Maybe, such files can help you, maybe not. Cheers Rodolfo

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