NTAG I2C plus & near field wireless communication

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NTAG I2C plus & near field wireless communication

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Assuming two identical NTAGs (Ntag I2C plus) may have a backup-battery, so they do not need to extract the energy from the RF field, can they exchange data between them ?....for example exploiting the bidirectional communication explained in the AN11579.

If negative in which way is that inhibited?


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Alessandro Finezzo


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @alessandrofinez 

Thanks for contacting us and interesting in the NXP products.
The tag is a passive device, which requires an active device to activate the electromagnetic field to communicate with each other. Obviously, two tags cannot exchange communication data when they are close to each other.
Hope the above explanation is helpful to you.

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Thanks Kelly,
I was already with that in mind, but I was looking for a confirmation about the mechanism on the background of this inhibition for a security perspective (cybersecurity), analysing all the risks and ways for a possible attack, in a medical application.
Thanks and
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