NTAG 5 FCC Certification

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NTAG 5 FCC Certification

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I’m very confused about the FCC regulation regarding the NTAG 5 Link when using it with a microcontroller.

If we take the NTAG I2C OM5569 Board as a reference, it clearly has an FCC-ID number (OWROM5569-NT322E), but the letter of conformity states that this board is considered an intentional radiator. Is it really the case even if you’re using a passive tag?

Now, referring to the AN12428 document for the NTAG 5, it states “NXP Semiconductor declares that this device is an FCC Class A unintentional radiator”.

Why is it that the NTAG5 is an unintentional radiator and the NTAG I2C is intentional?

Is the NTAG5 required to undergo any FCC certification if used with a microcontroller?


Thanks !

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Please refer to the more information as the thread.


Hope it help you. Have a nice day.


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Hi, thanks for your reply, but it doesn't answer my question at all. I'm mostly trying to understand why the OM5569 FCC certification is for an intentional radiator (15.225) when the tag is supposed to be passive only. One other thing, is the NTAG 5 using part of it's power source when VCC pin is connected for its transmission or the power is only for other peripherals such as the I2C bus ? This could help me understand too. Thanks !

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