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NFC Tag Emulation product choice assistance

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Hi All,

I am quite new the NFC so forgive me if I may miss some details or lack the understanding about some of the standards.

Regardless, what I need to do is emulate a tag that is readable with an iPhone using NDEF for one way communication. The payloads need to be ~1KB though I may be able to get away with 512B as a last resort. The only issue I have is it must be held is ram, not eeprom as I will be writing to the tag, on average, every 5s.

The alternative to this is to use a transceiver or similar that instead of holding the data, simply requires a "pass through".


I looked into quite a few series of ICs that NXP has to offer and came up with the following notes:

  • PN5180 - In App note for devboard shows an example of how to emulate a 1024byte type 4 tag. BGA 0.35mm pitch, ouch.
  • PN512 - Example for RPi-v1 shows 256byte example. Perhaps use a newer IC? This could be painful to set up and test. Do I need the S2C crypto chip to operate? Has a 64Byte fifo buffer, so likely just a pass through style.
  • NTA5332 - Tested well, though only allows for 256 bytes sram mirrored
  • PN7360/PN7362/PN7462 - full micro with nfc embedded - seems a bit overkill and that IC package, ouch!
  • PN5331
  • PN7120
  • PN7150
  • CLRC663 - transciever
  • PN532 - Tested poorly, despite being heavily devloped by the arduino teams, continuous pains trying to emulate a tag. max APDU size is 256, might as well use the NTH2h2 with 256 sram bytes...
  • NHS3100/3152 - small Micro with 128 word sram (mirrored). Is the word size 32bit? Thus 512Bytes mirrored? Possible bbackup solution.
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @ryan4volts ,


For using NFC reader ICs such as PN5180, PN7150, the tag content is stored in the host controller , or play with NTAG 5 boost in passhtrough mode as you mentioned, please refer to for details. but whatever you choose, the tag content is directly stored in the host controller, either reader ICs or tag ICs just act as a bridge, so just make sure there are enough SRAM resource on the host controller for your application. how about i.MX RT or LPC ? Please refer to the following for details.


Hope that helps,


Have a great day,

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