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NFC Evaluation Kit

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I am new to RFID and NFC, and have selected NTAG as a likely suitable technology for my application, but I need to conduct some feasibility work.  My application uses a microcontroller but I need the front end block, antenna and NTAG213 transponders to evaluate the technology.  Is an evaluation kit available for this technology?  If so, how do I obtain one urgently?

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Contributor I

Very disappointed in the lack of a community response.  I contacted a company who claims to specialise in NFC devices, they sold me some reader modules which operate in ISO14443 mode.  I can identify, activate and read the NTAG213 devices but not write to them.  I now suspect that this device is not compatible with writing to NTAG213 tags.

I am new to this field and have identified NXP as a potential supplier of good quality, low cost volume products.  But if I can get no support, then I shall have to abandon this.

Is there anyone in NXP Europe or UK, or a distributor, or anyone at all who has walked ths path before and can advise?  Even if I have to design the electronics from scratch (which seems rather excessive)?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Mark,

Thank you for using the community. I am sorry for the lack of responses so far.

You do not mention more details about your application, but if I understand correctly you have identified NTAG213 as a passive tag solution and now searching for the reader side.

NXP has several reader solutions including NFC frontends and NFC controllers, all of them compatible with the ISO/IEC14443A standard and hence fully compatible with NTAG213. See below some very short descriptions:

PN512: Full NFC compliant frontend (i.e. supports Read/Write, Peer-to-Peer and card emulation modes). This IC needs to be interfaced to an external MCU.

Evaluation board: PN512 reader board|NXP 

CLRC663: Multiprotocol NFC frontend. Supports Read/Write mode and Peer-to-Peer passive initiator modes. A host MCU is also required.

Evaluation board: CLRC663 development board|NXP 

PN5180: The latest Full NFC compliant frontend. Requires an external host MCU. In comparison with PN512 and CLRC663 this IC has new features such as Dynamic Power Control (DPC) and Adaptive Waveform Control (AWC).

Evaluation board: OM25180 |PN5180 NFC Development Kit for POS Readers|NXP 

PN7120 / PN7150: Plug-and-play Full NFC controllers with integrated firmware. Also requiring a host MCU connected via I2C interface, but several parts of NFC protocols are processed internally to simplify integration.

Evaluation boards:

OM5577 | NFC Development Kits for Arduino and more|NXP 

NFC Development Kits for Arduino and more|NXP 

PN746x_736x: The all-in-one NFC solution. It integrates an ARM Cortex M0 MCU together with an NFC frontend and optional ISO7816 contact interface. This device would not forcibly require an external MCU, as the application itself can be programmed in the internal flash.

Evaluation board:

OM27462 | NFC Development Kit for Access Control|NXP 

As you can see there are several options. For more details and taking a decision please watch the next webinars:

NXP’s NFC product portfolio|NXP 

Design and Implement NFC applications 1: Product su|NXP 

In the next link you can find your local distributor:

Distributor Network|NXP 

Let us know if you have any questions.

Best Regards!

Jorge Gonzalez

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