How to check MFRC6300 IC is operate

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How to check MFRC6300 IC is operate

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Hi Sir,

   I started working on MFRC6300 chip which is connected to external controller. And this time  i can't communication between external controller and MFRC6300 IC. Please give me information about how to check MFRC6300 IC is operate. 

 -* Can check voltage at PIN or can check signal some PIN of IC which MFRC6300 IC is normal operate.

because i not sure software or hardware is problem.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Apichart,

There is not some kind of pin or way to check that the IC is working, other than sending data through the host interface like you are doing.

I looked at your schematics and here are some things you can check:

- See that VDD pin is getting power. I see you have a jumper there.

- For SPI the interface selection pins must be as following: IFSEL0 = 0, IFSEL1 = 1. This cannot be seen in your schematics.

What code base are you using? Did you take an example or developed code from scratch?

Your issue seems similar to the one reported in the next thread: 

As mentioned, one way to debug communication issues is to inspect the SPI bus directly to see that data is indeed transmitted from the host in the format expected by the MFRC630.


Jorge Gonzalez

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