How can I port NFC Library on QN9080 with CLRC663 plus

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How can I port NFC Library on QN9080 with CLRC663 plus

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Hello All,

I'd Like to know how can I use QN9080 & CLRC663 plus boards to run the Library Examples like NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop and NfcrdlibEx9_NTagI2C, I have followed the porting procedure mentioned in the video but it isn't working, so, how could I run these Examples on this Hardware Setup,

Thanks in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


The only guides we have available for the porting are the following

But, please consider that if you try porting it for the Bluetooth LE examples, you will need to take care of the different tasks and events and be careful not to block any of the radio tasks. 

You can check and try to use as a base the software example of this shield but it might not work the same as that it's for the QN9020. 

Please remember that the CLRC663 it's a frontend and you can send some commands directly to the board through the chosen interface. 



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