Detect 50 Mifare classic cards

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Detect 50 Mifare classic cards

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I should find a way to detect and read content of RFID ticket pack with 50 cards.

There is a light in ISO14443 called anti collide loop.

I passed through this way and i was able to detect 5 cards together. but after inserting 6'th card on reader everything lost. only 2 cards will remain in anti collide result.

I think reader antenna can't supply power of more than 5 cards. But how can i make my reader 10 time stronger?

how can i handle it?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello mostafa h, Hope you are doing great, regarding to your question:

I don´t think this will be feasible since every tag you put on the reader has to be powered by the reader so the more tags you put the more power you take from the reader. I think the limit here is the 5 tags, the reader simply can not feed all the tags at the same time with the power it  manages. 

Best regards.


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