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I am attempting to use the DesFIRE EV1/EV2 cards for the first time, right out of the box. I may need a small tutorial or sample in order to understand what order the commands must be issued on a virgin card - my goal being to write some miscellaneous data to a file on the card, but I have found nothing in terms of a kind of how-to, first step tutorials. So for someone who has never used these cards, where should I start? Thanks.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



Hope you are doing well. As you might know, the information regarding DESFire is secured under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), this means that all the information, tools and support should be delivered using secured communication channels and only to customers with active NDA. There are some of the documents and libraries placed in Docstore.


If you don't have NDA or access to Docstore, you will need to contact one of our distributors available in the Distributor Network|NXP to help you through the NDA process, or if you already have an NDA and a contact that help you getting it you will only need to register in Docstore and use that data.


You would need to request the Data Sheet, as this document may help you with more information about the commands.


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