CLRC663 imbalanced RXN and RXP

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CLRC663 imbalanced RXN and RXP

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I have a design using CLRC66303 (CLRC663+).  Our antenna design and interface follows the schematic and guidelines in the datasheet, app notes and webinars.  We have achieved acceptable results, but have noticed that the signal amplitude at RXN and RXP are not symmetrical even though the entire TX and RX path have symmetrical components.  With NFC field on, I see signal level of 0.124V - 1.672V (1.548 VPP) at RXN and only 0.376V - 1.420V (1.044 VPP) at RXP.

Is this to be expected?  Is the input impedance of RXN and RXP imbalanced?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I think it is related with the PCB layout. The Rx input has a quite high impedance, and the Tx signal is strong, so I have seen a lot of cross talking between Tx and Rx. That might happen on one side more than on the other side.

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