Best NFC Inlay for Access Badge Manufacturing?

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Best NFC Inlay for Access Badge Manufacturing?

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Hi there!

I own an event credentials company that provides assess badges, wristbands, etc. to event organizers. We would like to start offering access badges with NFC RFID inlays to our customers for event access control. If anyone could tell me which NFC inlays are best to use for card / badge manufacturing it would be greatly appreciated.

In a perfect world we would like to find an inlay that fits in with our current manufacturing process. Which is:

print a badge design on a paper stock or synthetic stock, laminate the badge in a pouch laminate or on a sheet then die cut to size. We would like an inlay that will withstand heat lamination and can be affixed to the badge print before lamination. The smaller the better. A very small clear adhesive inlay might be best.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks!

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