S32K144 GreenHill Compiler Problem

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S32K144 GreenHill Compiler Problem

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Hi everyone,

This is Ozan and I am using Matlab/Simulink 2020a, mbdt v4.2 and S32K144 EVB.

I was able to compile my models and upload them into evaluation board by using GCC compiler. Then I want to increase my code efficiency and implement some suggestion. One of the suggestion was getting a Green Hill compiler instead of free GCC which might increase the code  efficiency and reduce the execution time. 

I get in touch with Green Hill and install their compiler. After that I changed the compiler option in S32k1xx config block as provided below:


Firstly I received an error which said GHS_S32K_TOOL is not a environmental variable, than I add it using computer properties advanced option,


After this step I try to built the model but I received following error (I also attached the diagnostic report). I asked to Green Hill people and they said that this problem might be related with toolbox. So, I want to learn that what might be the cause of this problem and how can I solve it? By the way I can built the model without any problem by using GCC.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance. 



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @oeren5 ,

It looks to me like there is an issue with the linker file. I will investigate and reply to you.

Hope this helps,


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Hi @mariuslucianand 

Sorry for repeated reply but we have license of Green Hill compiler for a limited time. We want to compare GCC compiler and Green Hill to decide which compiler to choose.

I am sure that you are dealing with lots of different community topics and have other responsibilities. But it will be great if you have chance to analyze the problem and get back to me, so I can compile with Green Hill and decide for compiler.

Thanks a lot for your effort and time. 

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Hi @mariuslucianand ,

Thanks a lot for quick reply and interest.

I can share the model via mail for further examination, if needed.

Best regards. 

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Hello @oeren5 

How did you find the performance of the GCC Compiler compared to Greenhills?




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