MQX on custom K61 Board

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MQX on custom K61 Board

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I've got a custom board with a K61 MCU and want to run MQX on it.

Is there a K61 PSP somewhere available? Do I have to create my own?

Does it make sense to start with the K70 BSP/PSP as there is no Tower-Board for K61?

I read this thread: Has anyone had success porting MQX to a K61FX512 but it does not seem to provide a solution.

Why ist there no native K61 support provided within MQX?

Maybe someone has K61 running with MQX?

Thank you for any help!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Frieder,

  There is a BSP for the TWR-K60F120M that would be applicable to your custom board. The difference between it and a K61 part is the tamper detect, but most everything else would be similar.

  MQX BSP's are created only for the evaluation boards, so that is why there isn't a K61 specific BSP. But the K60F or K70 BSP (if you removed the DDR code) would be closest to what you're looking for.

  Also take a look at these threads:

Creating MQX 4.0 BSP for K10

Re: MQX: Customizing a BSP for new hardware

The biggest stumbling block is getting the clock setup correct for your particular board in bsp_cm.c. That's where Processor Expert, or the bare-metal sample code, can come in the most handy



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Hi Frieder,

Does MQX Lite have enough features for your need?

CW10.4 has MQX Lite support internally, quite easy to use.

It has support to your CPU.

Device drives are taken to use by PE-configuration/modules.


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